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    CD Baby Help Center

    CD Baby Pro Publishing. Social Video Monetization. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Monetization. CD Baby Sync Licensing. Your page on the CD Baby store. Artist Resources & Advice. Promotional tools, DIY Conference information. Promoted articles. Do you want to switch distribution to CD Baby? Why is my album not on Spotify (or any ... EXTENDED until Friday: Save 50% on standard album distribution to Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more By CD Baby. November 29, 2016. Our lowest price — now available until Friday, December 2nd! Not ready ... Through December 2nd, standard album submissions at CD Baby are 50% off.

    CD Baby - YouTube

    The music industry changed and CD Baby changed with it. We continue to adapt, finding independent musicians new ways to make money from your music. Your music is in good hands with CD Baby, World-class distribution to over 100 digital platforms including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, & more. Your musical journey begins at TuneCore Vs CDBaby Music Distribution Free Music Marketing & Promotions Guide: ... Digital Music Distribution: CD Baby vs. Tunecore vs. Onerpm vs. DistroKid - 2015 - Duration: 15:39. Pay Us No Mind 190,376 views. 15:39. How To Make It Big Without A Record Deal, Or A Record Label. Need CD or DVD Copies? CD Baby Short-run CD & DVD Duplication uses only the highest quality blank media, packaging, and on-disc printing.

    Sell Music on iTunes – How to Get Your Music ... - CD Baby

    CD Baby is a preferred Apple content provider, meaning that once your music is approved for distribution and all the product information complies with Apple’s standards, it will be available on iTunes (and Apple Music — if you’ve opted to distribute your music to streaming services) in just a few days. Browse CD Baby’s new releases from around the world. Buy CDs, MP3s, and Vinyl.

    CD Baby: Digital Music Distribution - Sell & Promote Your ...

    CD Baby helps independent artists sell music on iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Google Play, and much more! Support independent musicians and re-tweet! Skip to content. Navigation Menu. ... "CD Baby has been our trusted distribution partner for many years. the liability limitations applicable to cd baby under the cd baby member agreement will also be afforded to licensees and licensee customers (with liability being limited to the amount that was paid by the applicable licensee to cd baby for the licensed use of your authorized content in the six months prior to the applicable dispute). Apple Announces iTunes Radio, a Pandora-like Music Streaming Service By Chris Robley. June 10, 2013 ... Lastly, if you’re a CD Baby artist currently on selling iTunes, you can trust that CD Baby is doing everything possible to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

    Worldwide Digital Music Distribution | CD Baby

    It’s important to know how and when your music promotion efforts are paying off. With CD Baby you can easily review every sale and stream in your account. You’ll also get weekly trending reports from iTunes, so you can easily gauge the effectiveness of your current tour or marketing campaign. Picking a music distribution platform is a big deal. There's a reason why this is my most watched video and the most visited article on my blog. I cover 4 major platforms in this video: CDBaby, Bandcamp, Tunecore, and Distrokid. Yes, there are tons more digital music distribution platforms out there, but these are the ones I repeatedly see ... ISRC codes are not essential for CD and vinyl releases, but your songs will need ISRC codes in order to be sold on the iTunes Store, as well as other online distribution channels and streaming services. Some aggregators can generate ISRC codes for you if needed when you set up online distribution.

    Digital Music Distribution - CD Baby

    Our Distribution Bundles get your music on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and a slew of other great retail stores in as little as a few days to a max of 1-4 weeks after making your CDs with us. Each Bundle also lets you license your music for TV and film, and makes your CD available to major brick & mortar retailers like Target and Best Buy. Looking to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, ... Distribution services offer that and a lot more, including physical releases, ... CD Baby was one of the first ever services to let DIY musicians release their music in a physical format like CD or Vinyl and get it to record shops around the world. Listen to and buy Powderhouse music on CD Baby, the independent record store by musicians for musicians.

    How can I cancel the distribution of an album I am ...

    How can I cancel the distribution of an album I am currently distributing through CD Baby? You can cancel the distribution of any existing albums you are distributing through CD Baby by logging into your CD Baby Artist Account , clicking the "View/Edit" button next to your album title, and selecting the "Cancellation Options" link under the "Album Info" (or "Single Info") heading. CD Baby vs Bandcamp: How to pick a music distribution platform September 6, 2017 There are tons of options for you when it comes to distributing your music online.

    When Should I Set My Release Date ... - CD Baby Help Center

    This accommodates the processing time on CD Baby's end, and on the partner sites, and you can use those weeks to create a buzz about your upcoming release, submit for playlist consideration, etc.! It takes CD Baby roughly one to five days to review your release. Unfortunately, we don't have a way to rush this process. How to Legally Sell Downloads of Cover Songs By adamr. January 5, 2011. Firstly, let us say that if you are planning to sell a cover song, CD Baby has partnered with Loudr to provide the quickest and most convenient way to secure mechanical licenses. Loudr makes ... Get Your Cover Song Selling Online at iTunes and CD Baby! Click HERE.

    Sell your music everywhere with CD Baby ... - CD Duplication

    With the Global Music Distribution Bundle you get to sell your CDs at the world's premier all-independent online CD store. What's more, we'll pre-register you with CD Baby and ship five of your CDs straight to them, saving you the hassle of filling out registration forms, the cost of shipping your discs, and their registration fee. Session Expiration Warning. Your CD Baby online session is due to expire shortly. Would you like to extend your session and remain logged in?

    Apple Music – CD Baby Help Center

    Apple Music is the on-demand streaming service offered by iTunes. If you’re listed with us at the download and streaming level of distribution your music will already be at Apple Music. If you are distributing through CD Baby but haven’t made your music available via streaming services, just change your distribution settings within your CD Baby account . What are CD Baby's cover artwork guidelines for digital distribution? CD Baby's digital partners' artwork guidelines do not allow the attributes listed below. CD Baby will require you to submit a replacement art file if you cover artwork displays any of the following:

    Tunecore vs Reverbnation vs CDBaby vs The Orchard ...

    With CD Baby theres no annual fees – over the life of an album, this is a big deal. Especially as your musical catalog grows. If you have 5 albums up for sale and have to pay a $35 annual fee per album per year, it will cost you $175 a year just to keep your music on iTunes. Music Distribution; Digital Distribution Partners; Global CD Distribution; Selling on; Vinyl Distribution; CD Baby Music Player; Sell music on iTunes™ Sell music on Amazon; Sell music on Google Play; Get on Spotify; Shazam; Publishing & Licensing; Pro Publishing Administration; Make money on YouTube; Sync Licensing; Cover ...

    Worldwide CD Distribution – Sell Your CD in 1000s of ...

    With CD Baby, your music will be available in over 15,000 record stores worldwide — and on Sell your CD in over 15,000 record stores CD Baby has partnered with Alliance Entertainment, Super D, and Amazon to get you the widest physical distribution coverage possible. CD Baby will get you on: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music and more. Our favorite CD Baby feature: The combo between physical and digital distribution gets you a full distro package. They’re the only who collect SoundExchange (Rights Owner) royalties for you (thanks for the tip Ari). Check their pricing here.


    20% off Tunecore Distribution: 7% off Distrokid: Visit Onerpm: TuneCore vs. CD Baby for digital distribution. Public Enemy will release its next album via TuneCore, a digital distributor. If you're an independent musician and expect to sell a lot of tracks online, TuneCore could offer you a better deal than standby CD Baby.

    I need help with my artist ID – CD Baby Help Center

    If you opt in for distribution to iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify on the DD Options page, the next page you visit will be the Partner Artist IDs page. You will see a list of all the artist names from your release on this page. Click "Edit" next to each artist name to make an ID selection for each partner. How do I know which ID is mine? The #1 way to increase your music sales is to give fans a clear way to get to your music on You can use the CD Baby Link Maker to place stylish CD Baby buy buttons on your website or blog. Use the search box below to get started.

    Want to Know the Best Digital Music Distribution Company?

    I sat down with reps at 8 different digital distribution companies, CD Baby, DistroKid, Ditto Music, Loudr, Mondotunes, ReverbNation, Symphonic, Tunecore and Zimbalam, to get a full in-depth look at each company and for the reps to explain to me their company’s best features (that I may have missed scanning their FAQ). If you distribute music to streaming platforms through CD Baby, your music is already on Apple Music. As a CD Baby client you now also get faster verification for Apple Music for Artists, which means you can take control of your image on one of the most powerful streaming services in the world.

    Search for Indie Music | CD Baby Music Store

    Browse hundreds of thousands of independent artists at CD Baby with our advanced search options. The following guest post comes from Jeff Price, the original founder of TuneCore and now founder/CEO of Audiam’s objective is to get artists paid much more for the use of their music on YouTube. “Each time there is a new way for an artist to make money, a new way emerges for others […]

    My Account - Login - CD Baby

    CD Baby Disc Manufacturing CD Baby Artists Important note when using a CD Baby Artist account Any changes (ie. name, address, credit card info) made in your account on this site will not be reflected on the site. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Top 10 Music Distribution Companies to Make Money Through Streaming YouTube Digital Distribution: Tunecore vs. CD Baby vs. Distrokid vs. Onerpm - Duration: 28:03. Pay Us No Mind 23,269 views

    Digital Distribution – CD Baby Help Center

    Is digital distribution available in my country? How long does it take for you to process an update after my submission has been already delivered? How can I update my distribution's Territory Restrictions? What is the difference between Single, EP and Albums? Why is my language not a supported language? Why wasn't it delivered to Apple/iTunes? You can track your sales by logging into your CD Baby Artist Account and clicking the green "Sales & Accounting" button. Please Note: It is important to remember that most of the digital partner sites only report sales to CD Baby every 1-3 months. iTunes, for example, sends CD Baby the monthly sales report about 4-6 weeks AFTER the month is ...

    CD Baby Artist Log In

    Enter your username and password to log in to your account. Username. Please enter your email address. One of the best distributors is CD Baby, which partners not only with iTunes but also with many of the other major players in the digital market. The company sets up to sell your CD—digital only or physical copies—on its online store for a minimal fee. There's some setup work, but it's easily done.

    CD Baby Distribution Partners - Stream and Sell Music Globally

    With CD Baby, you NEVER have to pay an annual fee to keep your music available online. Distribution to all download and streaming services listed below (and many more) is included with our Standard and CD Baby Pro packages. Plus, we're constantly on the lookout for new partners to carry your music. Listen to and buy Rick Sparks music on CD Baby. Download What Child Is This by Rick Sparks on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. the best independent music store on the web. Cart Redeem Download Card Find an order / download. My Account. Log in Log out. Browse. On top of physical CD and vinyl distribution, "we're on pretty much every kind of digital platform you can think of," says Tracy Maddux, CD Baby's chief executive. The company says it's the world's biggest online distributor of indie music, with more than 330,000 artists using the service and $300-million (U.S.) paid out to them over its history.

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