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    iTunes 101: Multiple Devices, One iTunes Account – Gigaom

    @Mike – A point of clarification here: you can only sync apps between an iPhone and one iTunes library. However, that iTunes library can be authorized with multiple iTunes accounts. To answer your question about how to manage a household of iOS devices… we chose to buy everything with one account. These drives provide another simple option to move your iTunes library to a new computer, especially if you have more content than will fit on your iPod. To transfer an iTunes library to a new computer using this technique, you'll need an external hard drive with enough space to store your iTunes library.

    How to Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers without Losing ...

    Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers with dr.fone dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS) is professional software from Wondershare that facilitates transferring files between iOS devices, computer and iTunes. The software enables you to sync your iPhone to multiple iTunes library on different computers. More and more family has multiple computers now, and it’s very convenient to share the iTunes library over the network. This can keep you from purchasing multiple copies of movies or songs. You can also separate the iTunes library on your own computer with your moms or dads.

    What's the Best Way to Sync Music Between My Computers?

    Dear Lifehacker,I've got a great big music collection on my desktop and I want it on my laptop, too. In fact, I wouldn't mind if I could have it on my media center as well. I've heard of a few syncing options, but I'm not really sure which ones will work best. What do you suggest? Managing several devices with one iTunes account can get complicated. When you want to sync all of your content to each device you can simply enable the option to sync everything and leave iTunes to ...

    5 Top iTunes Library Managers | Transfer iTunes library to ...

    Create, Organize & Transfer Multiple iTunes Libraries. This free iTunes library manager has a wealth of features for organizing your music & video library, transferring songs, videos, TV shows, podcast, playlist from iTunes to computer or iPhone, iPad, iPod fast and without any quality loss. When syncing, existing music library on iPhone gets deleted when the new one is added. You can’t add more music without deleting the old music, in other words. If your second iPhone is associated with another library, when syncing, the second iPhone will be erased. It only supports to share purchased iTunes music across devices.

    Use Multiple iTunes Libraries on One Computer

    If you have multiple iTunes libraries on your computer and don't press the Option or Shift key when you launch iTunes, it opens the last library you used. To make sure that each person uses only their iTunes account with their library, sign out of your iTunes account when you're done using the program. On iTunes, however, you can do this. The trick is to disable files being copied into the media folder of iTunes and instead, creating just a link or a pointer to the original files. This way, you make iTunes link to the music and not store all music under its folder. How to Split iTunes Library Across Multiple Locations. Step #1. If you've ever owned an iPhone or an iPod, chances are you now manage your music using iTunes--because that's the way Steve Jobs wanted it. iTunes is pretty good, but it's not perfect. The duplicate killer that's native to the app, for instance, can be confusing and ineffective. The good news is

    4 Ways to Listen to Same iTunes Library On Multiple Computers

    If you have multiple computers with iTunes installed then chances are that the music on them isn’t in sync, and you’ve separate songs on each of them. Maintaining separate music collections doesn’t make sense if you listen to music on these different computers frequently. Why not either How to put a DVD movie onto your ipod How to convert an iTunes song to MP3 How to sync and share your iTunes music across multiple mac computers and ... 39 Responses to “How to sync iTunes across multiple iPhones and computers ... the best way to share an iTunes library with multiple computers is to turn “Home Sharing” on . . . read ... First of all, don't use itunes. It's so restrictive and all locked down... But if you insist, you can store the physical files in a folder outside the users directory and point both users' libraries to that folder...

    Use single iTunes library for multiple computers : apple

    I think using two computers to directly access and manipulate the same iTunes library is asking for trouble. For starters, you'd have to be absolutely certain that you never run iTunes on both machines simultaneously, because they would both be modifying the library file behind each other's backs and create conflicts. This means that your personal data are now not visible to other members of the family. You have found a way to manage multiple Apple devices with one family Apple ID. From the above introduction, we think the last method will be the best for us to manage multiple Apple devices with one family Apple ID. Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPhone with the contents of this iTunes library.” How to sync an iPhone with iTunes on more than one computer. The way that Apple recognizes which iTunes library is linked to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is based on a Library Persistent ID key that is hidden on Mac and PC.

    Keeping iTunes Synced Between Two Computers | Your Business

    While iTunes can't automatically sync the same library between two computers the way it can with an iPhone or iPad, you can keep them in sync yourself. If you just want to sync the same music and videos between two computers in your office, iTunes Home Sharing is the most convenient option. If you want to sync your ... Syncing multiple iPhones to a single computer can put your media libraries, ... using separate playlists and syncing with iTunes across different PC user accounts. ... causing unpredictable syncing behaviors. Creating a new iTunes library for each iPhone user can reduce instances of mixed media files and cross-synced data. Select Use iCloud Music Library to use it on this computer. iTunes will remind you that you've already subscribed to iTunes Match, and ask you whether you want to activate it on this computer. Click Add This Computer to connect your computer's music library to iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library.

    How to sync and share your iTunes music across multiple ...

    How to sync and share your iTunes music across multiple mac computers and iPhones. sync , advanced , itunes , macbook , mp3 , music , sync Add comments When you have more than one computer and more than one iPhone or iPod there are various ways to sync your iTunes songs across all your devices. Dropbox is one way to sync files across multiple devices and OSes, but is it the best way? Reader Tim Dorcas writes: “With over 100GB of music/samples in my collection, and the fact that I use three different physical systems in two different OSes (Mac OSX and Windows), it is getting harder and harder for me to manage all of this data.

    Six tips for managing your iTunes library - CNET

    Six tips for managing your iTunes library. Delete duplicate files, ensure linked tracks play in sequence, join tracks when you rip a CD, change the playback volume of a single track, sync to fill your iPod, and use playback-control shortcuts. My girlfriend and I both use iTunes for our music. We have separate accounts and have iTunes on two different computers (she has a mac and I have a windows pc). I believe at one point people were able to share and copy music from one pc to another across the shared music network within iTunes.

    How-To: One iTunes Library With Multiple Computers – Gigaom

    Simply add music to any computer you want, making sure iTunes is closed on all other computers, then when you are done adding your tunes, close iTunes and wait for Dropbox to upload your files. Once Dropbox is done uploading your updated library XML files, fire up iTunes on another computer and you will see your freshly added tunes. Enjoy! Syncing iTunes with multiple iPhones requires you to sign into a new account in between each sync. Sync iTunes with multiple iPhones with help from an audio engineer, musician, video editor and Mac savvy tech in this free video clip. How to use multiple iPhone or iPad devices with one computer ... When you create separate user accounts, it makes it possible for each person to basically have a separate computer with a separate iTunes app. ... How to create a separate iTunes library on your Mac.

    Managing Multiple Apple Devices with One Family Apple ID ...

    Part 2: Using the Sharing Apple ID for iTunes/App Store Purchases To manage multiple Apple devices with one family Apple ID, it is best to know how an Apple ID and its services works. Prior to the introduction of iOS 5, an Apple ID was mostly used for purchases from the Apple Store. You can also read this guide in Français. “I’m unable to drag your music from library to my iPhone icon in iTunes. I have tried on multiple computers and still iTunes won’t let me drag music to my iPhone.

    How to Sync Your iTunes Library with Several Computers ...

    I regularly use iTunes on my home laptop and my work desktop forty-five traffic minutes away. I'm ashamed to admit it, but until recently, I'd been saving my iTunes library on a USB and transferring it back and forth, over and over again, between the two computers. If you run iTunes on multiple devices, chances are you've had trouble keeping your libraries in sync. Maybe you've even tried Dropbox but ran into syncing conflicts. Here's how to sync iTunes with Dropbox problem-free, on Windows or Mac. Aside from the benefit of having all your iTunes media in sync

    Managing library between two computers : musicbee

    Managing library between two computers Sorry for the repost, I didn't get any responses when I asked this question a few months ago and I'm hoping to find a solution to the problem. I'm still learning exactly how MusicBee works and struggling to figure out how best to keep my library organized across multiple computers. Keep Your Music Library Synced Across Multiple Computers With iTunes Match By Laura Tucker – Posted on Dec 12, 2011 Dec 4, 2011 in Mac iTunes Match is yet another music service by Apple that made it much easier to keep all your music synced and make them available from Windows to Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone.

    How to Sync iTunes Library With Multiple Computers

    Unless your iTunes library is small enough, you will buy extra space to sync your big iTunes library. But 2GB is a good start. Let's see how to make a central iTunes library with Dropbox. Things to Know Before Getting Started 1. There is no need to sync the entire iTunes library on Dropbox to your computer, only when you want to. 2. Whatever the case, multiple libraries are easy to set up and manage, and ultimately act as though they were separate iTunes on separate computers. Creating a second library To create a new iTunes library, quit iTunes (if it is already running) and hold alt/option (Mac) or shift (PC) while relaunching. I'm going to show you how to manage multiple i Tunes library using one PC. Using iLibs.

    using a single itunes library with a NAS drive across ...

    using a single itunes library with a NAS drive across multiple computers. Hi I am a Mac user buying an Imac ‘for the kids’ at Christmas, because of work I have always been a windows user- there I have said it ;). We've featured multiple ways to do this in the past, but the best method for syncing application data across computers is to sync your app's actual profile folder (the second method mentioned in the video above). You can, for example, sync Firefox bookmarks, profiles, and extensions using Dropbox as previously described.

    Share App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books purchases ...

    You can set up purchase sharing when you create your new Family Sharing group, or you can turn it on for your existing family. With purchase sharing, one adult in the family—the family organizer—agrees to pay for any purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books that family members make while they're part of the family group. Your iTunes library may be stored on a PC or Mac at home, or it may be housed on a network drive. Either way, you want to be able to access it from other devices, like an iPhone or iPad. Up to five of your devices can tap into your iTunes library either directly on a network drive, through a special

    How to Keep iTunes in Sync Between Two Machines

    How to Keep iTunes in Sync Between Two Machines. by Connor Turnbull 8 Jan 2014. Difficulty ... is tied to a specific iTunes library meaning multiple installations don't share and sync with each other by ... the service does cost £21.99 per year and will only work across a maximum of ten devices. If you're happy with the limits of ... Automatic syncing works only with iTunes Purchase Content and applies to purchases made after the setting was switched on, so old purchases will still need to be transferred manually. So that's Home Sharing on iTunes 9, a feature that makes it much easier to distribute your iTunes music and videos across all the computers in your home.

    Use Home Sharing to share media from a computer to other ...

    You can use Home Sharing to access your media library across computers that are on the same Wi-Fi network. And you can stream music, movies, and TV shows from one authorized computer to another . Just make sure that your computers are powered on, awake, and have the Music app or iTunes for Windows open. As more of our entertainment goes digital, we’re running out of hard drive space to store these big files directly on our Macs. A possible solution to this problem is dividing an iTunes library across multiple disk volumes.

    SuperSync - Merge, Compare, Repair, Access, & Explore Your ...

    Sync, Merge, Compare, Transfer and Repair iTunes libraries across all your Macs, PCs and iOS devices. Access your music on the web with the SuperSync iTunes server. Get CopyTrans to transfer iPod and iPhone music to PC and iTunes. Use CopyTrans Contacts to easily manage iPhone contacts, calendars and more...

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